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What is important aftercare for my face and neck lift?

Having a face and neck lift is a brilliant way to turn back the clock when filler and Botox are no longer the best option. When procedures are performed on the face, swelling and bruising are a natural part of the healing process. There are certain measures that should be taken to assist in assuring the best outcome and optimum healing:

- Our nurses assist our patients with positioning, ensuring that the head and neck are kept elevated at all times, especially when sleeping. Often times, side sleepers can turn while sleeping. Our nurses are able to step in and help reposition as necessary at all times.

- Icing the area will be imperative to help reduce swelling. Our nurses provide adequate icing round the clock, leaving it to be one less thing for our patients to worry about. We will have you covered!

- With permission from the patient’s surgeon, we also encourage arnica tablets for a homeopathic approach to aid in reduction of bruising.

- Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is encouraged at a facility of the patient’s choosing. We are also happy to offer transportation to and from the location! Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can double the body’s oxygen within an hour, helping enrich the blood with oxygen thus speeding up the body’s healing processes.

You’ve made the decision to invest in yourself! Just as you carefully chose your surgeon and surgical team, it’s just as important to choose the post-operative care team that will always put you, your safety, and your comfort first! Protecting your investment after surgery can ensure optimum results and care provided by our specially chosen nurses. We at Calicia Care are committed to making sure our patients #HealInLuxury and rest at ease.

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