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Our Passionate Leaders

Lexi Maldonado, RN, BSN Co-Founder of Calicia Care

Lexi has been working in patient post-op care for years and after seeing that the industry needed a shakeup, she joined forces with Erika to bring you the best experience LA has to offer. Working with patients brings her joy and after consistently receiving rave reviews from previous clients, establishing Calicia Care seemed like the only move that made sense! She is excited to be here. 


Erika Maldonado, EdD, Co-Founder of Calicia Care

Erika brings her experience from the EdTech world where she built online programs from the ground up, including several in the medical field. As co-founder of Calicia Care, she focuses on everything that has to do with logistics and patient education materials.  She’s a proud USC Trojan, Pepperdine Wave and UCM Bobcat. 

what's in a name?
Calicia Care Circle Logo
Our name is everything to us. It embodies the extraordinary backbone of the members of our family. Calicia is the combination of our grandmothers’ names: Carmen and Alicia. Calicia Care’s abbreviation is CC, which is our mother’s (Cecilia) nickname. And, the circle makes an O, to stand for father’s (Oscar) name. When you book with Calicia Care, you’re getting more than your typical nursing care, you’re part of our special and unique brand - heart and care is at the backbone of everything that we do.