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I just had liposuction but don’t want to gain weight while I’m recovering. I should limit what I eat, right?

NO! The worst time to diet is after having surgery. At times, patients may feel worried about being sedentary for several weeks while recovering, so sometimes they feel it’s wise to limit food intake. This is a huge mistake! Your body is burning calories and energy just by resting while your body is working overtime to heal areas of injury (surgical sites). 

Swelling is entirely normal after any surgery, especially liposuction. Fluid has been placed into the surgical sites during the procedure before the removal of fat. This fluid is what is often leaking from the surgical puncture sites for several days postoperatively. This swelling can sometimes cause concern to a patient, worried their results are botched by appearing swollen. In turn, patients might limit what they eat in hopes of not gaining weight throughout this initial stage of recovery. Our bodies need energy and sustenance to survive, especially postoperatively when the body is burning more energy and calories as the body is healing and regenerating at the cellular level. 

It is immensely important to follow directions provided by the surgeon and our nurses to make sure there is adequate food and protein intake to optimize the healing process. Even if patients don’t feel thirsty or hungry the first few days, our nurses make sure that our patients are provided with high protein food, snacks, and monitor water intake to feed the body exactly what it needs to heal. 

Our ultimate goal is to take away stress from the recovery process and bring an experience of luxury, safety, and personalized care to each of our lovely patients. Our hearts and minds are always centered around the needs of our patients, bringing an unmatched level of luxury, relaxation, and recovery optimization.