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Feeling down soon after surgery?

This is entirely normal! After going through a life-changing procedure it’s possible you may have a wide array of emotions. Once the groggy fog fades from the anesthesia wearing off, what is left to do? Recover and heal! However, this can leave some of our patients feeling a little restless or down from lack of ability to function as they normally would. Talking to your support system before and after your procedure is crucial to keeping your spirits up! Along with family and friends, our compassionate and empathetic nurses will be with you every step of the way. Even after your stay with Calicia Care, our staff will happily check in with you from time to time (with patients’ “OK” to do so) to track you, your progress, and offer any support you may need.

Surgery can leave our patients swollen, bruised, and exhausted. Results often look worse before they look amazing! That’s where Calicia Care comes in. We ensure all measures are taken and provided to assist with minimizing added swelling and bruising to surgical sites along with moral support through this transformative journey. Care: it’s in our company name because that’s exactly what we do, we CARE about each and every one of our patients! Our goal is to provide you with a serene environment, appointment scheduling assistance, and a sense of luxury throughout your time with us. We are here for you! We are honored to be a part of your journey