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Treating a Seroma after Plastic Surgery

As plastic surgery continues to become more common, plastic surgeons are able to keep complications to a minimum. But, as is the case with any other type of surgery, there are still risks of complications. One type of risk is a seroma.

A seroma is a collection of fluid that builds up inside the body most typically seen after surgery. There are many times where the body can reabsorb the seroma and the issue is easily resolved on its own. There are other instances, however, where further intervention is needed. Symptoms of concern include but are not limited to: the fluid build up not improving on its own, redness or tenderness at the site, fluid and/or pus draining from the site, and fever or chills. These are signs of infection that should be addressed with your treatment team immediately.

When your trusted surgeon feels that more invasive interventions are required, Calicia Care is here to assist with your aftercare. We are proud to provide a wide array of services that include but are not limited to: wound care, JP drain care, dressing changes, etc. as directed by your surgical treatment team. We pride ourselves in following evidenced-based practices and techniques when it comes to wound care such as open seromas. Our team will remain in contact with the surgical office to ensure all progress notes are easily shared and that all of our patients’ needs are met.

Seromas or postoperative complications can feel scary at first, but that’s one of the many reasons why Calicia Care is your best option for care. We ensure that you feel supported before and after surgery! We are happy to assist our patients days, weeks, or months after their procedures are done. “Care” is in our name for a reason. We care for each and every one of our valued patients!